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'Cause furry tails DO come true!
Need a dog sitter or cat sitter? Contact us at myfurrygodmother@yahoo.com or call: 551-427-9162
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The Furry Godmother is a fully bonded and insured pet sitting and dog walking service Mahwah | Ramsey, NJ
About Us:
"I grew up in the Mahwah-Ramsey area. After graduating St. Paul's School and Ramsey High School, I chose a career in nursing. Upon earning a nursing degree from Felician College, I worked in different area hospitals focusing on oncology and psychiatry. After I married, my husband (Pete) and I moved right down the street from where I grew up.  

"28 years and 3 sons later, I have the time to concentrate on the things that I love. Animals have always fascinated me. What makes them tick? My approach as your pet sitter is to look at the ‘whole animal’ to provide expert, pinpointed care that meets the needs of each animal. And since I have lived in this area all my life, I want to care for local animals in my hometown where I am close by and available to my clients. So now, I truly have the best job! What could be better than being outdoors, getting exercise, and meeting new friends both human and furry?  

"I believe leaving pets in their familiar environment is the best thing in most cases. Not only is it less stressful for the pet but also for the owner. Not having to deliver or pick up your pet from a kennel is a time saver and when you come home from your trip, your pet will be waiting to give you hugs and kisses and you can both relax. Also, leaving your pets in your home means they will not be exposed to canine flu, viruses, and fleas.

"Here at The Furry Godmother, we have a saying: 'Cause furry tails DO come true!' And they really will for your pets when you work with us! Call or email me so we can meet and discuss your needs and your pets!" - Lauren

Lauren Charkowski
President of The Furry Godmother, LLC
Pet Care Specialist
Peter Lakawicz
Pet Care Assistant
"About four years ago, when my wife (Lauren) needed help,  she wanted to find someone who was dependable, trustworthy, and experienced with dogs.  Naturally, Lauren decided that I would be a good choice to help her out!

"Back in the day (35+ years ago!), I was involved in Greyhound Rescue long before most people even heard of it. One of my first dogs was a Greyhound named Betsy.  I got her right off the racetrack in South Dakota where I was attending college at the time.

"I grew up just down the road in Elmwood Park, NJ and I have a degree from Ramapo College in Human Environment.  I'm pleased to be able to bring my 32 years of business experience, sense of humor, and love of animals to our clients!"  - Pete
"Our love of animals (especially dogs) has always been a bond between us.  Pete gave me a German Shepherd puppy for my 25th birthday.   For our 25th wedding anniversary? We didn't go on cruise, or a trip to Europe, or exchange expensive jewelry... we gave each other a puppy, of course!  We love dogs, we love talking about dogs, and we love working with dogs.  Apparently, we get on our children's "last nerve" because we talk about dogs too much and we've been warned that they will not  go out with us if we are going to 'talk dog.'  And we'll bring that enthusiasm for your pets on every visit!" - Lauren