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'Cause furry tails DO come true!
Need a dog sitter or cat sitter? Contact us at myfurrygodmother@yahoo.com or call: 551-427-9162
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The Furry Godmother is a fully bonded and insured pet sitting and dog walking service Mahwah | Ramsey, NJ
The Furry Godmother:  Frequently Asked Questions
I am going on a vacation for 2 weeks down the shore and I need someone to care for my pets.  Can you help me?
Jagger, out for his walk
You'd want to book some "Vacation Visits".  These specialized visits are ideal for clients who are going away on day trips, business trips, and vacations. Visits are approximately 30 minutes long. We suggest 3 visits a day (especially for dogs). We'll visit your pet at 7 AM for breakfast, 3 PM for dinner, and 9 PM to let them out before bed. Visits are custom tailored towards your pets individual needs. Walks, feeding, belly rubs, playtime are all included as well as home security: opening blinds, alternating lighting, mail, newspaper pick up, etc. Rates are based on 1-2 pets in the same household.  Additional pets are a $2.00 per pet fee per visit.

Here's a list of questions frequently asked by our clients.  If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to email me or use the form below.
Something came up and I really need you to visit with my pets as soon as possible.  Can you do it?
We are capable of handling emergencies for our established clients.  Availability of emergency sits is completely based on our daily schedules. We will do our best to see if a visit can be arranged.
My dog is a very sweet dog but he just likes our family and doesn’t like strangers or other dogs. 
For safety and liability reasons, I reserve the right to refuse service if I feel your dog/cat is overly aggressive/fearful towards other dogs, me, or others while under my care. Suggestions may also be given prior to this decision about switching their leash/collar/harness in order to make it easier and safer for both myself and the dog during walks.
Do you offer cat care as well?  I'm not always home and I could use a good cat sitter during the day.
Yes!  Our cat-sitting visits include feeding, scooping and playtime… if they choose, of course.